Trine Holter

Since october 2019 my Life changed drastic.
Innside and outside.

Trough a person and situation triggered my inner wounds to Get up to be purged and healed.
It started with 5 days of constant crying and pain in my chest and heart.
It was so bad that i contacted a norwegian shaman for help (28.11.19) and he openened me up Even more and activated my kundalini. Then the ride really started. I lived each day after that until feb 2020 in a emotional carusell and this constant pressure and pain in my heart and chest. No matter what i did (meditate, breath, relax) the trigger in my chest and heart where still there. Like i never got peace from this.

At the end i had to run away and go Into total isolation from all physical contact for 3 days. I rented a small cabin and stayed there.
To just focus on getting in tough with myselfe again and only be on my own energy space. Mulan offered me help to send me Reiki on the second day at this cabin trip. She was working on me while i was in sleep. When i woke up i felt different. I had finally got peace in my heart and chest. The pain and pressure where gone. I could finally breath and i was calm. It is still with me – i am still calm. The pain is gone.
I was so happy i could cry of joy. I could finally stay calm and focus on meditation and growth without this constant pain. Mulan is amazing. She is so good in what she does. She is truly a reiki healer.
I am a walking proof of that.
I live far away from Mulan. She is in Taiwan and i am in Norway. Still she removed my constant heart pain over night and Also balanced up my 3 lower chakras (where often emotions is).

I recomend Mulan so much – she is pure at heart and a beautiful Soul and she is good at what she does. I cannot Thank her enough for the help she gave me. Bless you Mulan

Love and light

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